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'n Lied vir BEGINNER-STUDENTE van Afrikaans [boodskap #8558] Sa, 15 Februarie 1997 00:00 na volgende boodskap
Izak Bouwer  is tans af-lyn  Izak Bouwer
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Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet
Jan Pierewiet, staan stil.
Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet,
Jan Pierewiet, staan stil.
Goeie môre my vrou,
hier's 'n soentjie vir jou,
Goeie more my man,
daar is koffie in die kan.

Staan stil : stand still, do not move
Goeie môre: Good morning
my vrou : my wife
soentjie : little kiss soen/soene/soentjie
kan : can, coffee pot

"Pierewiet" comes from the French "pirouette."
This song may have come to the Cape via the
speakers of Dutch, heavily influenced by their
French neighbours. Or it might have been
brought to the new continent by the French
Huguenots, arriving in 1688. The French were
never more than 17 percent of the population of
the Cape. Almost at once the Dutch rulers tried
to discourage them from talking French only.By
1726 practically all Huguenots could speak Dutch.
Yet at the end of the nineteenth century, when
people started wondering about the origin of
Afrikaans, there were numerous people that claimed
that French had quite an influence on the develop-
ment of Afrikaans. (For instance S. J. Du Toit)
Even as late as the forties of this century there were
academics indicating considerable influence. It is
now generally accepted that French influence on
the development of Afrikaans grammar was really
very small.
There is a monument to commemorate the French
Huguenots in the town of Franshoek (hoek : corner.)

Gloudina Bouwer
Re: 'n Lied vir BEGINNER-STUDENTE van Afrikaans [boodskap #138711 is 'n antwoord op boodskap #8558] Wo, 12 Januarie 2022 13:10 Na vorige boodskap
Jan die Man  is tans af-lyn  Jan die Man
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"Jan Pierewiet", ook "Jan Piedewiet", is die "bokmakierie" (Telophorus zeylonus), 'n voëltjie wat in Suid-Afrika gevind word.
Die voël se roep is Jan-Piere-wiet, Jan-piere-wiet.
Ek verstaan net nie hoe mens "bokmakierie" (ook klanknabootsing) met "Jan Pierewiet" versoen nie.
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