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12 Afrikaners killed in one week by blacks [boodskap #120119] Sa, 09 Junie 2012 11:19
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The latest horrific hate-crimes crimes listed below against Afrikaners
were all committed by black South Africans… but the Democratic
Alliance held a protest in Delmas this week - demonising local
Afrikaners for saying so…

Rustenburg farmer Neels van der Westhuizen injured, in serious
Mr Neels van der Westhuizen was attacked about 2km outside Rustenburg
on his farm by five unknown black males.

The dogs were poisoned.The dogs were poisoned and when Mr van der
Westhuizen went to investigate the animals he was ambushed by five
black males: he was shot twice and currently in serious condition in
Rustenburg hospital. His wife was not seriously injured.

A Toyota bakkie was used as getaway vehicle, and cellphones also were
taken in the attack. SAPS Mooinooi Phone: 014-5743215 Fax: 014-5743162
SAPS Rustenburg Phone: 014-5904140/111 Fax: 014-5904150​farmitracker/reports/view/2666

“ Hospital sent Caroline "Poppie' Viviers, 13, home to die “--
Pretoria West
June 8 2012 By NTANDO MAKHUBU -- Mrs Caroline Viviers says Pretoria
West Hospital staff members sent her 13-year-old daughter home instead
of giving her proper care. When Elandspoort, Pretoria West, mother
Caroline Viviers went to wake her sick 13-year-old daughter to take
her back to hospital Thursday, she found the child cold and stiff in
her bed, her lifeless eyes open and staring.

Shocked by the discovery that the young teen was dead, Viviers started
screaming. Her cries caught the attention of several people in the
Pretoria West suburb, who all rushed to find out what was wrong. The
dead child, also named Caroline Viviers but known by her nickname
“Poppy”, had been taken to Pretoria West hospital with severe stomach-
cramps, but sent home with painkillers.

Viviers had last spoken to Poppy at about midnight when the girl had
woken up to go to the toilet. She had fallen asleep earlier,
apparently in a lot of pain. “I was worried and couldn’t sleep
properly. I asked her how she was and if she wanted to eat or drink
something, but she said no.” The teenager hadn’t eaten all day, her
last meal having been early on Tuesday before she took ill and
complained of stomach cramps and nausea.The girl had become lethargic
and refused to eat, prompting Viviers to take her to the Pretoria West
Hospital on Wednesday morning.

By that stage Poppy could hardly stand up straight and said the pain
had intensified.She was examined by a doctor at the hospital, and
cried out when he probed her lower abdomen.The doctor asked her for a
urine sample and also drew blood before sending Poppy and her mother
back home.They were told to return for the test results on Thursday
and paracetamol and nausea tablets were prescribed for her in the
meantime.“She could hardly walk out of the hospital, she was bent over
double,” Viviers said.

Poppy took a nausea tablet when they got home and went to her bedroom
to lie down. Just before (7am Thursday), I went in to wake her up so
we could go to the hospital, but when I touched her, she was
lifeless.”Pretoria Child Welfare officer Connie de Bruin said the
girl’s death was a shock.“Poppy was so alive at the beginning of the
week. How could she just die?”
De Bruin said.

De Bruin and the family questioned the attention Poppy had received at
the hospital.“Surely a 13-year-old with stomach cramps, whether
pregnant or not, should have been given more medical attention – a
drip, an X-ray, admission,” she said. But the hospital’s acting
superintendent Dr Hanlie Dafel said "the girl had been given as much
attention as her condition warranted."She didn't comment on the fact
that the child had died.“There was nothing that presented as a major
concern other than the nausea and abdominal pain.

The signs we look for to determine emergency were not present.”"A
pregnancy test done was negative, and advice on how to prevent getting
dehydrated was given', Dafel said.

A post-mortem would shed light on the cause of death, because all
danger signs and anything that could have warranted that she be
admitted or given further medical treatment were absent, she said.But
the family on Thursday felt their little girl had been allowed to
deteriorate and die. “They sent her away to die instead of
investigating the cause of her pain,” her mother said.Viviers’s sister
Charmain Vermaak went to the hospital to find out why doctors had not
picked up what was wrong with Poppy and why she had died before
finding out her test results.She felt negligence had played a major
part in the girl’s death. -child-away-to-die-1.1315134#.T9MVClIprd6

Afrikaner employee at Cell-C company commits suicide after getting
May 31 2012 – With ‘whites’ banned by law from the majority of jobs in
the private and public sector in South Africa, an Afrikaner family’s
wage-earner became so distraught about his suddenly being fired – with
a cellphone message – from his technical job at the CellC
communications company, that he committed suicide.
’n lid van Solidariteit was, het Dinsdag selfmoord gepleeg nadat hy ’n
kennisgewing ontvang het dat hy moontlik afgelê gaan word.Solidariteit
het reeds met die werkgewer in verbinding getree en aangedring dat die
afleggingsproses gestaak word en dat die maatskappy moet konsulteer
met ál die vakbonde wat lede verteenwoordig wat deur die beplande
afleggingsproses geraak kan word. “Intussen moet die werkgewer
dringend beradingsdienste beskikbaar stel vir sy werknemers wat
dubbele trauma ervaar weens die beplande afleggings en die dood van ’n
kollega.”Luidens mediaberigte beplan Cell C om ongeveer 150 van sy
totale werkmag van 1 288 werknemers af te lê as deel van ’n
herstruktureringsprogram om die maatskappy se doeltreffendheid te
verbeter. Volgens Marius Croucamp, woordvoerder van Solidariteit, het
Cell C geen poging aangewend om met die vakbond oor die beplande
afleggings te konsulteer soos artikel 189 van die Wet op
Arbeidsverhoudinge vereis nie.“Vakbonde speel ’n belangrike rol in
afleggings. Solidariteit volg ’n vasgestelde aksieplan met riglyne en
metodes om die impak van afleggings te versag en moontlikhede te
ondersoek om afleggings af te weer,” sê Croucamp. Daarbenewens dring
die vakbond altyd daarop aan dat werkgewers aan die vaste
uitbetalingstydperk van afleggingspakkette moet voldoen, ondersteuning
ten opsigte van die uitbetaling van werkloosheidsversekering moet
bied, en beradingsdienste aan werknemers beskikbaar moet stel.
Werknemers wat afgelê word, moet ook die eerste opsie op vakante poste
hê, indien enige poste beskikbaar raak.“Cell C het skynbaar halsoorkop
begin om direk met sy werknemers oor die beplande afleggings te
konsulteer en geensins die emosionele impak van ’n
afleggingskennisgewing op werknemers in ag geneem nie. Die maatskappy
se optrede het waarskynlik alreeds tot die onnodige dood van een
werknemer gelei, en die werkgewer moet dus daarvoor verantwoordelik
gehou word” sê Croucamp. gs-solidariteit-lid-pleeg-selfmoord-31-mei-2012/ 75

KZN farmer Gert Uys found murdered – but the SAPS know nothing about
(confirmation being awaited)…
Julie Cruse, 72 of 12 Protea Ave, Pullens Hope, Middelburg, was
cruelly tortured and then killed on June 2 2012:

SAPS Middelburg Phone: 013-2491111 Fax: 013-2491754: Mrs Cruse, who
owned a liquor store in the town, was tortured with boiling water and
a hot iron before she was murdered. Her torture was carried out while
she was tied up and helpless. She was then strangled with a scarf. Her
employee Mrs Maria Mogolo discovered her mutilated body and wept when
she said: “When I saw blood seeping from her mouth I knew she was
dead.’ The attackers had taken their time to torture the Afrikaner
woman: a kettle was found near her body, still plugged in, in which
they kept boiling water to pour it over her legs. Mrs Cruse lived
alone and her worker only discovered her the next day when she arrived
at work and found the front door open. Mrs Mogolo alerted Mrs Cruse’s
ex-husband Ron Cruse, 75, who lives in the same street, the article
pageview is from Rapport newspaper June 2 2012 by Gavin Prins. r-gebrand-verwurg-20120602 80

Sergeant Bruwer Smit of Lyttelton SAPS shot dead execution-style in
front of son Jeandre, 10, near Zandfontein cemetery

Hilda Fourie Beeld. June 5 2012 - One of Pretoria's 'best cops' shot
dead. Ten year-old son Jasen-dre (left with grandmom Jeanette, 74, at
his dad’s funeral) was tied up and forced to watch while his dad was
executed. The two Afrikaners were mountain-biking near the Zandfontein
cemetery. The murder took place at the same site where ex-Comrades
marathon champion Nick Bester was kicked off his bike, beaten and
threatened with a knife in Oct 2010. He survived. The off-duty cop had
taken his son on a mountain-bike - about 400meters into the veldt next
to the Mabopane freeway west of Pretoria.

SAPS capt. Agnes Huma told the news media at the scene on June 4 2012
that two black male attackers are being sought. They took Sergeant
Smit's shoes and fled with the two bikes. The traumatised son cut the
shoelaces with which he'd been tied up, on a sharp stone, ran to the
highway and stopped a car.The motorist took the youth to Hercules
police station. Local policing-community forum members searched the
brushlands for Smit's murder, but found no-one.

Last night Beeld newsdesk was informed that the two killers had
climbed off the bikes just after killing sergeant Smit, and robbed
another man of his money and cellphone. His former commander SAPS
brig. André Wiese, said Smit was 'one of the best cops I'd worked with
over the years. He was a guy who never stopped searching before he
found the criminal. He was a dedicated police-officer'. 83 polisie-pa-skiet-20120605

Unnamed Honeydew couple shot dead by 8 blacks: child left orphaned;
Johan Road, Plot 13: June 6 2012: The SAPS are ALSO looking for
information after an unidentified husband and wife were killed on plot
13 in Johan Road, Honeydew on the evening of 6 June. According to
Roodepoort SAPS spokesman Vincent Mashiteng, “eight black males men
entered the couple’s residence at 20.45pm ‘with the intention to rob
them’. However the wife and husband were immediately shot and left the
son unwounded.” The suspects fled on foot. “It is believed that these
men are South African residents as they all spoke fluent Zulu while
they were in the house” he said.

“The police are seeking any information that can assist them in the
apprehension of the men. If anyone has information on the robbery and
murders contact Colonel Ndou on 0791361023”. oodepoort-news-crime?oid=5691354&sn=Detail&pid=48997 0&Eight-men-gun-down-couple

Mrs Arina Muller, 29, shot dead, nothing robbed, SAPS seeks eight
black males who fled without stealing anything, Mnandi

June 6 2012 - BEELD: "Mommy help me...' then they shot her dead: The
SAPS tweeted via #sapsGP that they were seeking information which
could assist in catching the 8 black males who had ambushed and killed
Mrs Arina Muller, 29, at the entrance to her Mnandi Honeydew
smallholding last night at 21h00 June 6 2012. Please phone SAPS col
Ndou 0791361023. Mrs Muller had just returned from the gym.

She was ambushed, shot, and the men fled. Nothing was stolen. There's
no motive.

Her parents called the Mnandi Farmwatch and the police. Arina died
before help arrived. The sad part is that the SA Police will register
this as "normal crime". This was no "robbery" nor even a ‘thwarted
robbery’ since they have not tried to steal anything. They came to
murder the Afrikaner woman - and to terrorize. 20120606 26c&id=116752351671946

Car-mechanic Johan Henning, left, of Boksburg was found with his
throat cut, seated behind the wheel of his bakkie at the gate of
Glynnwood hospital. He died shortly thereafter.

Car-mechanic Johan Henning ws found at the gate of Glynnwood hospital
i Boksburg, seated inside hsi bakkie with his throat cut on June 1
2012 at 18h30. Rushed into the hospital, he died shortly thereafter.
More than a week later, the SAPS Benoni issued a statement asking the
public to come forward with information about Mr Henning’s last
movements. His family had last heard from him at 16h40 when he was on
his way home after delivering a car-part. At 18h30 the Glynwood
hospital phoned the family, informing them of Mr Henning’s death.

Call Benoni police at tel 011-747-0000. urg-man-se-dood/

Four Afrikaner children (left) burned to death in Randfontein due to
neglect by black ANC-councillors

Four Afrikaner children burned to death (right) due to government
neglect: fire dept tender shows up only 1 hour later – without water
to douse the flames: and the grieving father has to collect the
torched bodies of three children himself and take them in his own car
to the local mortuary…

Above: 2012-06-04 Beeld journalist Ügen Vos reported the horrific
deaths of four Afrikaner children in Randfontein, who burned to death
inside their home – which was heavily protected against violent crime
gangs by burglar bars -- because the local fire department tender
showed up one hour after the alert. And then it arrived without any
water in its tanks and was unable to douse the raging fire. Three
children perished. The fourth child died in hospital on June 6
2012. .For financial reasons two working-class families shared the
same house: Randfontein father Jaco Jordaan, 34, owner of a motorcar-
workshop, and his current wife Suzie were sharing the same house with
his ex-wife Nicolene and her present husband Tommy Dickson.The two
families consisted of six children: Salome Jordaan (11), Tanya Jordaan
(4), Armand Dickson (3) (who all died), Jacques Jordaan (3) and Thomas
Dickson (9months) who both survived unscathed -- and Adri Jordaan, 14,
who was rescued, rushed to hospital but died in agony from her burn-
injuries. All four adults and the children were asleep on Sunday night
when a fire suddenly broke out for unknown causes at 05h00. Car-
mechanic Kallie Hoffman, who works for Jordaan and lived in an outside
room on the same erf, said he woke up when he heard Adri Jordaan
scream for help. He rushed to her bedroom window, ripped off the
burglar-bars, and plucked her from the burning room.

She was taken to Leratong hospital where she died. s-1-erg-beseer-20120604

Peet “Shakes’ Botha burns to death inside Pretoria home: neighbours
tried to douse the fire with garden hoses:

June 7 2012 – Mrs Efie Botha had rushed home from work and neighbours
had to stop her from storming into their burning Nina Park, Pretoria
home to rescue her husband from the raging fire. The home – as do most
South AFrican homes – was heavily fortified with security gates and
burglar-bars, and people increasingly are burning to death because
they cannot escape from fires in time. The Pretoria fire department
spokesman Willie Dry said they don’t know the cause of the fire.

Family members had to stop the wife, who was weeping hysterically.
The husband was found burned to death inside the bathroom. The family
cat also died in the fire. Neighbours tried to put out the fire with
garden hoses until the fire department showed up, to no avail.
Apparently the fire started in a trailer next to the house. Neighbours
said they called the well-liked Mr Botha ‘Shakes’ because he always
shook his body when he went jogging. An inquest will determine the
circumstances of the death. s-Pta-man-20120608

Mrs Dintjé Kelling (76) dies in house-fire: Waverley, Bloemfontein:

Mrs Dintjé Kelling became the eighth person to die in a house-fire

Bloemfontein this week, said fire dept section chief Braam van Zyl.
The 76-year-old educator was found in her shower – unable to escape
from the rapid-house fire. The house completely burnt out and the roof
collapses. Mrs Kelling, ex-teacher and former department-head at the
local Dr Böhmer school, was a very keen embroiderer, and loved
travelling, classical music and people. She is survived by her son and
grandson both called Günther of Richards Bay. Her son dr Günther
Kelling, a surgeon, said he ‘accepted that my mother’s death is part
of God’s greater plan with her life.’. The SAPS have launched a
forensic investigation into the cause of the fire. f-in-brand-in-haar-huis-20120608

White farmers threatened by ANC-youth league

All-black ANC youth league warns they’d ‘not be able to guarantee the
safety of white farmers if they didn’t hand over their land at once’;

Afrikaner farmers in George terrified of black male youth gangs who
are above the law:

Their families are being targetted by waves of heavily-armed, very
aggressive and well-organised black youth gangs -- who are moreover
seem to be ‘above the law’ as they are being protected from
prosecution by the Child Protection Act.

Some farmers like Paul Erasmus of Tarentaalbos Farm say farmers are
very vulnerable to these black male youth gangs 'because legislation
protects youth criminals: our residents are constantly concerned about
when the next attack might occur."

In a seperate development, Johannes Möller, the president of the pro-
ANC AGri-SA lobby, said at the World Farmers’Organisation on 7 June
2012 in Rome, Italy that white South African farmers found themselves
in a challenging ‘symbiotic relationship’ in which the highly-
experienced white farmers not only had to mentor the ‘new black
farmers’ but also had to build up a symbiotic business-relationship
with them. Several farming-organisation representing other African
countries such as Nduati Kariuki of the Kenya National Federation of
Agricultural Producers supported this approach, saying that the
striving of African farmers to become ‘large scale commercial
products’ needed to be recognised by the business community: African
countries are expected to expand their food-production considerably
not only to supply local needs but also the needs of a growing world-
population. It is undoubtedly true that the proven skills and the
larger number of (black) commercial farmers in South Africa are an
essential asset for South Africa as these new players enter the
agricultural sector but also to a lesser degree, can be expected to
help improve the agricultural development in the rest of Africa.’ e=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter iese-verhouding-is-belangrik-vir-sukses-binne-grondhervormin g

Three black males arrested: members of a large gang which created
boulder-roadblocks, caused car-crashes, tortured, raped, robbed
victims, N4 highway, near Lion Park, Muldersdrift

June 2 2012. The North West police have arrested three black males who
are charged with deliberately creating road-blocks, causing passing
white motorists to crash, attackingm torturing and robbing them on the
N4 highway near the Lion Park, Muldersdrift, Majakaneng. Radio Sonder
Grense Afrikaans broadcaster said the suspect-gang was raising large
roadblocks with concrete blocks and large boulders which forced
motorists to slow down and circumvent them. The gang then would attack
the motorists when their cars got out of control, crashed or when they
motorists got out of their cars to remove the boulders, The white
victims then would be gang-raped, tortured, beaten, brutally assaulted
and robbed. One of the black male suspects was arrested at the Lion
Park in Muldersdrift where he worked – two others at the Majakaneng
township outside Brits. Authorities also confiscated goods in their
shop which it is believed were robbed from their victims. It’s not
known at this stage whether any of their victims died from the brutal
treatment. This testimony will be revealed during the trial. They are
expected to appear in the Brits magistrate’s court for their trial. geluk-slagoffers-martel-beroof-20120602

RT @toxinews: Drie swart mans vas wat ongeluk-slagoffers martel 79

Black police officer constable Melusi Muzikayise Manyisa, 31, charged
for inciting the recent xenophobic riots in Barberton. His case starts
August 6.

Left: a black police officer charged with starting xenophobic riots,
torching police station: June 7 2012 - SAPS constable Melusi
Muzikayise Manyisa (31) and comrade Alfred Mkhabela (32) were granted
bail in Barberton-magistrate’s court, confirmed SAPS sergeant Sediba:

Both black males are charged with public violence, arson and
intimidation: they were charged with torching foreign-owned shops, a
satellite-police station and municipal offices. The case was postponed
to 6 August:


Thus far this year, there were a great many, increasingly violent anti-
ANC riots – during which large, armed mobs block major highways,
extorted cash and assault motorists and police. This is happening
right now across South Africa - but the most violent riots are being
reportedly this week in Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga. Yet a
murky organisation called “Municipal IQ” which monitors these riots
does not bother to inform local residents of the dangers they are in
while the threat is at its worst: instead, 'Municipal IQ" only warns
‘signed up members’ in monthly reports afterwards: with claims that
the most violent rioting ‘takes place in the Western Cape. ‘

Murky company ‘Municipal Q’ supplies summaries of riots to Goverment
agencies: but does not warn residents away from dangerous riot hot-
Apparently this murky company called “Municipal IQ’ maintains records
of all these violent riots – yet only publish summaries after these
events to signed-up government agencies: and apparently cannot be
bothered to save people’s lives by warning them away from these
hotspots while the riots occur: Municipal_IQ
Well-known Afrikaners march in Pretoria June 19 2012 against the wave
of violence targetting them:

On June 19 2012, Afrikaners and Boers plan to hold a peaceful march
from the Pretoria art-museum to the Union Buildings to present yet
another petition to SA president Jacob Zuma – you know he’s that proud
Zulu man with the 21 kids and the many wives: a man who is allowed to
proud of his own heritage; a man who is allowed to call himself a
Zulu; but Afrikaners and Boers aren’t allowed to speak up on behalf of
their own murdered kith and kin without being demonised. Yet it’s this
Zulu leader, who also happens to be the president of South Africa, who
so often sings his favourite song: ‘Shoot the Boer ‘ to his own ANC-
electorate. The DA does not attack Zuma for being an out-and-out black-
racist who is actively inciting black people to murder the 3,5-million
Boer-Afrikaner minority in South Africa. Why not?

Above: SA President Zuma sings KIll the Boer January 8 2012 at
Waaihoek, Bloemfontein ANC centenary celebrations
Below: updates, other attacks on Afrikaners, June 9 2012:

Hestia Kotze assaulted, peppersprayed, cursed for 'bitch' by black-
racist traffic official, Potchefstroom:

June 5 2012: Hestia Kotze of Klerksdorp, rushing to be at dying dad's
bedside, instead was was cursed for a 'bitch'; peppersprayed and
assaulted by a black traffic official who refused to let her greet her
dying father, blocking her from entering the clinic. The cop claimed
he 'used minimum force'. However Naspers journalist Nicolize van der
Walt interviewed Mrs Kotze about the incident, which occurred on
Saturday June 2 2012 on the N12 just after lunch, when she was driving
to the Mediclinic in Potchefstroom. The hospital had called her to
warn that her father Koot de Beer was dying. She said just before the
Ikageng-entrance to the highway, a black traffic official signaled her
to pull over. "I moved to the other lane and signalled for him him,
that I needed his help. My main-beams and emergency lights were on.'
The official, named as Pape Hadebe, followed her car, made a sudden
turn in front of her car, jumped from his vehicle.

She drove around him, pointed at her watch she said and gestured to
him to follow her. She drove to the Mediclinic - where Hadebe blocked
the entrance with his car. She climbed out and wanted to run to the
entrance - "I just wanted to get to my dad. The official pushed me
against the fence. He wanted to handcuff me while I told him my father
was dying. Part of the black police officer's 'minimum force' was his
sexist cursing of the Afrikaner woman. He said: "Shut Up Bitch.'

She said she pleaded with him on her knees, when in handcuffs and he
had an elbow to her neck and a knee against her spine."I pleaded with
him - then he sprayed me with pepper spray. Then I was hysterical,'
she said. Eyewitnesses were horrified, saying Mrs Kotze was roughly
thrown to the ground, while Hadebe put an elbow against her neck and
his knees on her spine: it could have snapped. Personnel, bystanders,
even a dominee pleaded with the man to let her see her dying father
atthe clinic where the cop had stopped and arrested her. Instead he
rushed her to jail.

All the charges against her were withdrawn in Potchefstroom
magistrate's court. She never saw her father before he died. -nie-20120605

links, more details, sources:

MISSING SINCE MARCH 1 2012: Mrs Madeleine de Lange-Meyer, 38,
March 1 2012.
Above: Call SAPS Capt Coen, Cradock 0488817000 or her sister
Elizabeth Meijsen at her facebook:
Boeremag trial-awaiting men have been in high-security prison for 10
years: “innocent until found guilty?”

Meanwhile, the Boeremag-trialists – i.e. people who are charged and
being tried for alleged crimes, but are supposed to be, under South
African law, still considered ‘innocent’ -- are still suffering
through their excruciating decade-long trial ordeal: innocent people
who are dragged to court clapped in chains as if they are convicted
criminals. These Afrikaner prisoners have now languished in a high-
security prison for ten years. The ‘trial’ is obviusly used as
punishment by the ANC: and one men was already executed through
neglect, dying from a brain-infection incurred in the vile conditions
in his sewage-flooded cell:

Afrikaners demonised by Democratic Alliance for referring to killers
of five-month old baby and his daymother as ‘black killers’
*Democratic Alliance’s local leader @AnthonyBenadie says Afrikaners
are not allowed to refer to the killers of their people as ‘black
racist murderers’. And the Dutch-Reformed minister of Delmas also held
an admonishing speech outside Delmas court against the Afrikaners and
the Boer patriots who had protested against the cruel murder of 5-
month-old baby Wiehan Botes and his daymother Mrs Margrietha de Goede.
This dominee said people must ‘love” this scum, "not to judge them" .
But the biggest crimes are not the murders of innocent people, nor
protesting against them – no the biggest crime according to Conradie
and the dominee is to describe the killers as ‘black’. – even if they
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