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Daar is vanjaar 31 haai-aanvalle wêreldwyd aangeteken [boodskap #48058] Ma, 13 Augustus 2001 05:38
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So daar is meer aanvalle deur bye as haaie, vir wat moet mens nou eintlik
bang wees, bytvisse of bye?

"Poseidon 55" skryf in boodskap news:oEGd7.4666$
> From: x
> Subject: Are shark attacks promoted by migrant chum? The Official Culture
> ofCowardice
> Date: Sunday, August 12, 2001 8:47 PM
> The interesting Miami Herald report below states:
> "There have been 31 shark attacks recorded worldwide this year by the
> International Shark Attack File. Sixteen of those took place off Florida."
> This can readily be taken to suggest that sharks become accustomed to
> feeding on the bodies of Cubans (and probably Haitians and Dominicans)
> lost at sea. Thus now most attacks occur in Florida. This also can be
> taken to suggest that the numbers of Cubans lost at see may well be as
> high as some reports suggest (30,000 or more so far) or about 700 a year
> on average. This equates to the present terrible rate of losses of Mexican
> migrants crossing the US boarder.
> Of course to some in this country it seems that migrants are less than
> human and do really not count. Not only that but we seem to be developing
> a terrible "Culture of Official Cowardice". Many believe now that police
> regulations are such that most US Police are officially encouraged to kill
> rather than think. And in the report below we see another horrible
> example: some life guards officially forbidden to aid shark attack
> victims.
> Courage and bravery are what keeps this great Nation free. Thus this
> "official culture of cowardice" must be ended. Police must have other
> options than shooting first and asking questions afterwards, life guards
> must be equipped and ready to fight sharks, the US Border Patrol must take
> steps to stop migrants dying of thirst in the SE deserts,
> US policy must be brave and courageous too. We need to oust dictators
> such as Castro who almost literally throw their own people to the sharks
> and thus have their drowned bodies serve as chum to bait sharks off
> Florida.
> "What comes around goes around," now innocent bathers in Florida would
> seem to be paying a very high price for cruelty unresolved "90 miles"
> away..
> Larry Daley
> Corvallis, OR
> Published Sunday, August 12, 2001
> Lifeguards leap in to shark controversy
> Some would attempt rescue, some not
> A highly publicized shark attack on a man in the Bahamas and the
> subsequent accusation that lifeguards didn't come to his aid have
> beachgoers and rescuers alike asking the question: Should lifeguards put
> their own lives in danger when someone under attack cries out for help?
> ``When you [hear a] scream for help and you're a lifeguard, you're
> supposed to get in there,'' Ave Maria Thompson told reporters after her
> husband, Krishna, was bitten by a shark last week. ``You're supposed to
> try to help.''
> Are you?
> Men and women from all over the nation competing in Miami Beach this
> weekend for the National Lifeguard Champion title were divided on the
> topic.
> ``There's no protocol. It's do what you can to save them, but protect
> yourself first, said 25-year-old Michael Carman, a Long Beach, N.Y.,
> lifeguard. ``It's not like we keep spear guns in the lifeguard tower. If
> there is a shark attacking, we could be attacked, too. Then what good are
> we to the person getting chomped on?''
> While regulations vary from county to county on how to handle an attack,
> no county requires lifeguards to put their safety at risk if there is
> still a shark in the water. They are trained to assess the situation, but
> there is no guidebook on how to wrestle off sharks.
> The bottom line, said Richard Colosi, a spokesman for the United States
> Lifesaving Association, is ``it's a judgment call. But I've yet to hear
> about a lifeguard being attacked by a shark during a rescue mission.
> Even still, lifeguards in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles are prohibited
> from making a rescue while an attack is taking place. Instead, they are
> supposed to clear the water of bathers.
> ``We are not allowed to swim out during a shark attack,
said Craig
> Hummer, a lifeguard for 15 years who has played himself on the TV show
> Baywatch. ``You don't want a lifeguard swimming out there while a shark is
> out there.''
> Not everyone agrees.
> Tracy Cisek, a 29-year-old lifeguard from Mammouth County, N.J., believes
> it is her duty to make an attempt at a rescue, no matter what's in the
> water.
> ``You're not forced to, but if someone's out there screaming -- shark or
> no shark -- you've got to help them, she said.
> What all lifeguards do agree on is that sharks are not something they
> spend much time thinking about.
> ``Shark attacks happen so infrequently. You have a much better chance of
> drowning in a rip current,
Hummer said.
> There have been 31 shark attacks recorded worldwide this year by the
> International Shark Attack File. Sixteen of those took place off Florida.
> Krishna Thompson's attack in the Bahamas, which cost him a leg, came a
> month after 8-year-old Jesse Arbogast was grabbed by a bull shark off Gulf
> Islands National Seashore near Pensacola.
> His arm was torn off and leg torn open; surgeons managed to reattach the
> arm.
> Also recently, a 48-year-old man was bitten on the leg while surfing off
> the Florida Panhandle's Santa Rosa Island. That same day, an 18-year-old
> tourist was bitten by a three-foot shark while riding a boogie board off
> Amelia Island.
> ``People are shark crazy right now. But it's not any different than it's
> always been. There's just more hype, said Lendsay Meyers, 22, a New York
> lifeguard.
> U.S. lifeguards made 71,000-plus rescues last year, and 51 swimmers were
> attacked that year in American waters. Said Colosi: ``You do the math.

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